At Lightwave Technology Corp., our training education program is providing an excellent variety of training courses in fiber optic systems. Helping to teach the skills and provide the tools required for the job market is a key goal of our mission.

LTC offers a vast range of short courses in the field of fiber optic engineering specifically in the areas of optical integrated devices, optical waveguides, optoelectronic integration, sensors, optical measurements, microfabrication processing, and fiber optic communications. These areas are well known to contribute to many commercial and industrial applications such as network, microwave, satellite, automobile, optical materials, communications, computing recognition, biomedical instrumentation, etc. The aim of these courses is to present to the participants the valuable information necessary to understand the design, fabrication techniques, measurements, and system applications in a concise and organized form so that participants can grasp the essence of this emerging technology. Our focus has been placed on reporting the accomplishments to date, and presenting the issues requiring future development in each of the major areas presented.

These courses usually range from two to five days in length and also provide the most comprehensive up-to-date technical topics. The philosophy behind these is to deal with the material at a level that makes it immediately useful to the practicing scientists, engineers, managers, marketing/sale personnel, or technicians on their job. These courses also present to the participants the following most valuable benefits.

To provide the highest return for less investment in your time and money, we offer many courses, which can be conducted at your organization's site and at your convenient time. However, most of these courses are certainly offered on public site, which may be scheduled to be close to your organization.

We believe that these courses will be very beneficial and productive to many who are or will be engaged in today modern optical technology. Please take the time to look through the information provided on our short courses and consider becoming a lifelong learner.

We certainly have a lot to offer and can assist you to meet your educational needs. Call us today and we can structure an onsite course around your individual training requirements. We are looking forward to working with you.